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Looking for Jeanne – rethinking women’s organising and resistance, with and through art

Symposium, 30 October – 1 November 2019, Stockholm

How can we critically reflect on and rethink women’s organising and resistance today? How does it relate to historical resistance? And what is the role of art and its potentiality with regards to women’s organising and resistance?

For this 3-day symposium organised by Royal Institute of Art and the French Institute in Stockholm, we have gathered artists, thinkers, activists, theorists and art historians to critically reflect on women’s organising and resistance, the role of art and its potential from a global perspective. 

The symposium is the first public presentation in an ongoing 3-year artistic research project focusing on the role of aesthetics in women’s organising and resistance. The starting point is the film Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce 1080 Bruxelles, made by the Belgian filmmaker Chantal Akerman in1975. Jeanne Dielman depicts the daily routines of a housewife over three days. When the film was released it became very important for European (white) feminist discussions on women’s conditions and the potential of feminist aesthetics. The film ends in an unresolved political situation and narrative. One could interpret the end as a proposal by the filmmaker Chantal Akerman, where she asks us – in her future – to continue looking into women’s conditions and resistance through film and art. We have taken her proposal seriously; who is resisting? What is being resisted? How and what does resistance look like? Who and what is a contemporary Jeanne Dielman? These are the questions posed within the symposium.

Invited speakers: Marwa Arsanios, Natasa Petresin-Bechelez, Binna Choi, Akwugo Emejulu, Kirsten Lloyd, Frances Stacey and Marina Vishmidt.


30 October, screening of Jeanne Dielman at Cinema Capitol, 17.30 (separate ticket)

31 October, symposium, all day, Cinema Capitol

1 November, symposium, all day, Royal Institute of Art

The ticket bought on the Capitol website will be valid for the symposium on 31st October at Capitol and 1st November at the Royal Institute of Art.

Ticket price: 100 sek

The symposium is organised by Petra Bauer, artist and professor in fine art at the Royal Institute of Art, and the French Institute in Stockholm. 

The symposium will be held in English.

Språk: Engelska
Undertexter: Ej textad
Längd: 420 minuter
Åldersgräns: 15+
Premiär: 2019-10-31


Torsdag 31 okt 2019

Salong 1